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The diary selling came back two years after!

First off, I would like to say I'm sorry and thank you for those who get deposited in 2013 and waited until now.
We have had some circumstances at that time. It caused a fraudulent accident by the Japanese order.
The middle deliverer disappeared with the money in the process of forwarding the amounts received with orders.
We and Japanese group order supporter haven't got any money for the Japanese order that is most of the quantities of diary order.
So we could not sell and even publish.
We have contacted personally for those who have payed in domestic.
Thankfully some of them had wanted to use for support Yesung, we used that for the SJ come back support this year.
And we refunded money to the last of them except Japanese.

Since then, we've tried to solve a fraud accident, but it passed the time without any solutions.
During that time, we've felt guilty to Japanese fans have just waited.
So we made a tough decision that we're going to publish the diary at our own expense. 
We thought that we should keep the trust we've built up with a lot of people all the way.

And we're going to take additional orders for fans who need one perhaps.
Please see a notice below for more information.

1. Size
Size : 17cmX17cm
Number of Page : Inside and outside 150 pages
Print : All Color on both sides Printing, Hardcover


2. Price
Character Diary : 22,000won

3. Shipping fee
Please send a mail to us 

※ If you would ask shipping fee, please let me know below things.

1) Where are you from?
2) How many you will order? 
3) using account 
- Paypal / Korean bank
4) using a currency unit 
- USD or KRW and so on

※ Please ask again about final shipping fee before you send money.

4. Special Gift
Character Diary
- Mini photobook : Photo
- Ballpoint pen
※ Depending on the quantity of orders, Special gifts may be changed or added.

5. Gureumsori Account
1) The Bank of Korea
- Bank : Shinhan Bank
- Account number : 110-085-382945
- Name : KIM HEUI SOON (김희순)

2) PayPal
- Email :

※ If you use PayPal, you must deposit with the PayPal fees.
(PayPal fee is [(total amount X 3.9%) + $0.3])
And You should note that PayPal exchange rate is more expensive than the published rate.

※ Fill up the blanks on 'ORDER' board after payment.

6. Schedule
1) Order Deadline : from now to 2015/11/17
2) Shipping Schedule : from 2015/12 or 2016/1

7. Other inquiries
1) Message (to '비행구름' or '구름효과')
2) Twitter (@ gureumsori)
3) E-mail (

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